Systems Engineer

Ramallah, Palestine

    A full time Systems Engineer is needed, Experience is valued but not required.


                  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Systems Engineering or any related field.
                  • Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills.
                  • Understanding of the Basic Network, Storage, Virtualization and Security Principles.
                  • Highly dynamic and proactive.
                  • Highly proficiency in Arabic and English (Oral/Written).
                  • Can work under high pressure.

                  Duties & Responsibilities 

                  • Installation, upgrades, configurations, rollout and support of hardware, software, peripherals and network devices.
                  • Working on virtual infrastructure, vSphere Client and setting up ESXI hosts virtual environment.
                  • Implementation of iSCSI SAN, FC SAN, FCOE SAN and NAS Storage.
                  • Working with Windows Server Roles and Services.
                  • Monitoring and interventions for hardware.
                  • Backup and DR installation, configuring and administration.
                  • Private cloud Monitoring and administering.
                  • Firewall Administration and Troubleshooting.
                  • Present the company and its services in a highly effective manner.
                  • Maintain loyalty from existing customers through regular review visits.
                  • Maintain customer relationship and gain customer feedback.
                  • Drive customer satisfaction and maintain after sales client relations.
                  • Maintains commitment to the company vision and the "Spirit" of the organization.